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Video interactive fiction. Point and click game.

Become the hostage.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsDark, Experimental, FMV, Minimalist, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Unity, video
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button, Textless
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Hostage v1.0 219 MB
Hostage v1.0 369 MB
Hostage v1.0 331 MB


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Uhm. Interesting. 


Unique and disturbing! Loved every second of it :)

A very interesting experience.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

 Nice game. And thank you!!

I feel super bad for not paying but I'm poor but FANTASTIC GAME!

hi, big thx for the disturbing experience. greetings from germany

Interesting game and leaves a lot to the imagination! Would love to know more about what led up to being kidnapped and help hostage. Overall it was fun experience. 

Interesting concept but I would have like more meat to the story. Like, am I a bad guy too? Are we all bad guys on the inside... lul. Here is my Twitch playthrough.

This is pretty good! I liked the mechanics and the story behind it. It was really interesting! Good job!

Interesting game. You have done an amazing job


watch video here:


i thought this was super!! i really wish this was longer with more options to do more things or have different endings but no im super impressed by this :D great great work on creating this! :D 

So nice to see a game like this. It isn't often you find these types of games except around the indie community. FMV and Point & Click isn't something that many big game developers choose to use for the whole game these days. So its nice to see your game.

Even if the game might been short, you manage to keep it interesting and enjoyable. There is so much room for more and I want more of this. It felt like it was just a small part of a bigger like. Like I just played a demo. Oh and that ending. WOW! 

The style was interesting. Dark and scary. Felt like the hostage been tortured and that something more and even worse is gonna happend. So you manage to build up suspense during the gameplay.

But of course there is tings that I didn't find as enjoyable and the biggest thing was my alternatives. They were too few. Only 2-3 times were I able to choose more then 1 option. Same with the time limit. It was like the time was too long before it was over. 

But of course that is my opinion and i like Hostage. Fun Point & Click game based on FMV which we should see more of in the world of gaming. 

Great little live action thing!

Cool game it was interesting.

I like interactive movie game ! great


getting spooky out of all it was a fun game I liked it also was you the guy in the tub or the guy in the mask?

Deleted post

I appreciate your feedback so much, I'll keep in mind the importance of a solid history in future projects. Thank you !!


Hostage- 12:00

loved the Idea of the game! are you planning on expanding on it or?

Thanks for playing, Dizzy, I really liked your gameplay!
About expanding the game... well, of course I'm thinking about it :D
I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


Good!! like no Joke im really excited to see what what you do with this because final destination interactive story was my favorite growing up!


That was a nice game, wished it was bit longer but still it was nice to see a live action game after a while, gave me a nice memory of Return to Yugoslavia for some reason ( maybe because they were both recorded with real persons ), that camera glitch i think it was kinda too much from time to time, i'm not sure what's suppose to be with guy going out the room and than back in just to move him?

The ambience and atmosphere were nice!

Still a good game tho, keep it up!


I've really enjoyed your gameplay, and I keep all your feedback for future projects I'll made, I appreciate it!
Thank you so much!!


What an interesting idea for a game, nice work!


Thank you!! :D


Great game, the atmosphere and the mise-en-scène are particulary well crafted.


Thank you for the feedback!


This was very cool. Loved the live action and was all played out very well. Very short but overall a really good game. Well done to all... :)

Thank you so much Kevx for playing and your feedback! :D